Yes, Turn Off the Lights detects all the YouTube embedded and external Videos. Furthermore, if you are on a blog, New York Times web page or any other websites, the Turn Off the Lights extension will detects the video player on that web page. And when click on the gray lamp button in your toolbar, it automatically highlight that HTML5 or Flash video player.

Support YouTube embedded and more Embedded players

Default supports the Turn Off the Lights browser extension the following video websites when you dims the web page:

If it can’t detect the video player well, therefore enable the “Flash Detection” feature in the Turn Off the Lights Options page – Advanced Options – Flash Detection. As a result, this feature will search for all the “object”, “embed”, “applet”, “iframe” elements, and push those elements on top of this dark layer.

However, if for some reasons did the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension detects well or just not the video player on that page. Therefore try to disable the other browser extensions you are using one by one except Turn Off the Lights.

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