Why the dark layer gets always deactivated with every click I made on the web pages? And that also when I navigate to another web page on the internet.

The reason it is deactivated with every click

This is the default Turn Off the Lights Browser extension settings for the users to get and remove the dark layer. However, you can customize the Turn Off the Lights experience on the Options page. So it can stay dark when you click on a button or hyperlink. There are 2 possible options to solve this problem. That is the option to click through the dark layer (if you want not to get the dark layer automatically when you open a new tab or click on a hyperlink). And the other feature is the Screen Shader, here it shows you always the dark layer when you click on the gray lamp button.

How to enable the click through the dark layer? (Solution 1)

  1. Click right on the gray lamp button
  2. And click options to open the Turn Off the Lights options page
  3. Click on the 3rd tab Advanced Options
  4. Scroll until you see the topic Mouse, and enable the radio button Enable clicking hyperlinks when the screen is darkened
  5. Restart now your web browser
  6. Go to YouTube or another website. Click on the gray lamp icon. Now you can click through this dark layer. Want it back to the normal view of this website. Click again on the gray lamp icon in your browser

If you are looking to keep these lights always off, even when you browse on the internet and click on a hyperlink. Therefore only bring the lights back on when you click or tap on the same lamp button, then you can use the Screen Shader feature.

How to enable this screen shader feature? (Solution 2)

  1. Open your favorite web browser
  2. Click right on the gray lamp button in your toolbar
  3. And click in the context menu on the text Options
  4. You see that it opens the Turn Off the Lights Options page. And click now from the sidebar on the tab Advanced Options
  5. Scroll now until you see the topic Bulb
  6. On this topic, you see the 3 types of user-profiles and click on the 3rd blue save button to enable the Screen shader feature

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