That is the new minimalistic browser software from Yandex, and not everything is done yet. The gray lamp icon must be visible in the URL box. If you see not the lamp button in the URL box, then you are using the alpha browser version. And it’s possible that this feature not ready to display the extension icon in the URL box. If you want to try the browser goes to the official Yandex website.

Yandex browser

The browser is based on Google’s open-source Chromium project, which also powers Chrome and Opera. And it is surprising work well and even fast, quite stable, and standards-compliant. Also, there is a number of intelligent and very useful little tweaks. One of them is the way it handles tabs. Open several tabs from the same site, and Yandex will group them all together in the tab strip.

Yandex browser
New fast and secure browser

Turn Off the Lights browser extension works well on the stable browser that can be downloaded on the official web page Yandex website. And on the Yandex extension store, you can download the Turn Off the Lights Yandex extension. If you open now a web page such as YouTube or Vimeo you see the gray lamp button in the URL box. Click on it and it dims the web page and highlights only the video player.

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