Turn Off the Lights loading options pageDo you have the issue when opening the Turn Off the Lights options page? And still see a white web page with the loading bar is still visible on that web page. Then it’s possible a browser extension on your computer block the loading of this options page. Follow the steps here below to fix this issue in your web browser.

How to fix the options page?

  1. Try to disable the other browser extensions you have installed in your web browser except the Turn Off the Lights extension.
    Know issue for the Opera 12.0: if you use the Opera web browser version 12, then uninstall the “Opera adblock” extension. And restart your browser. It’s recommend  to use the latest Opera version by installing the updates from Opera.
  2. Also by refreshing (F5 key on your keyboard) the page helps to open the options page of the Turn Off the Lights extension.

Do you still have this issue, don’t hesitate to contact us form and report it.

Do you found technical, factual and grammatical errors on the Turn Off the Lights website?
You can report a technical problem using the Turn Off the Lights online technical error feedback form.

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