If you recently installed the “Turn Off the Lights” Edge extension on your Microsoft Edge web browser, and you doesn’t see the two welcome pages. Furthermore the gray lamp button doesn’t dim the web page such as on YouTube. Then there is a software on your Windows computer that block our extension scripts and probably your other Microsoft Edge extension too.

Solution to Fix the Edge Extension

Disable the other Edge extensions

If it possible that this is caused by another installed extension in your Microsoft Edge web browser. So try the steps here below in your Microsoft Edge web browser:

  1. Open the options sidebar from the three dots menu
  2. Click on the blue link “extensions”
  3. You see an overview of all the installed extensions, and disable the Edge extensions you are using one by one except the Turn Off the Lights.

Uninstall these software on your Windows 10 computer

This is a know software list that create a problem with the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension. The solution to get this extension working is to uninstall this software from your Windows computer.

  • Advanced systemcare from iobit.com
  • Safesurfer
  • CCleaner

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