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The glossary of free Turn Off the Lights (10 Full Glossary)

Here you find the most glossary that we use in our browser extension, mobile, and desktop app. And the browser extension that can be used on all websites such as YouTube.

Glossary of Turn Off the Lights

The list of glossary

The glossary contain short description and translations from other countries.

TOtL/TOTL: Turn Off the Lights
This is our product name in short. And for Chinese users is the Turn Off the Lights project name translated to this product name:
關燈看影片 自動夜間

Adblock: A know internet term to block annoying ads on a website.

Atmosphere Lighting: This a visual effect feature that has the possibility to show a light glow around the HTML5 video player that matched the content of the video.

AutoPlay: This is a feature in the Turn Off the Lights browser extension to dim automatically the web page when there is an HTML5 video playing.

AutoStop: This is a feature in the Turn Off the Lights browser extension that stops those playing HTML5 video automatically when you open a web page or click on a link.

EP: Eye Protection, this is a feature in the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension that do the lights automatically off when it’s night.

Flash Detection: This is an advanced feature in the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension. That search for all the Adobe Flash objects on the web page. And give all these objects a higher z-index.

Night Mode: The feature that converts the daily website style to a black CSS style.

Vivid Mode: This is the most realistic glow effect that is shown with the atmosphere Lighting feature enabled.

Z-index: This is an element for a CSS stylesheet, to order the layer of the web.

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