Is there a Best Facebook Night Mode Chrome extension? Yes, there is one that you can easily darker the website on Facebook and beyond that social network. With the help of the free and most powerful Open Source Turn Off the Lights Browser extension, you can convert all websites in a darker theme. That from the added night switch on the web page or automatically each time you visit this website.

This Chrome extension can convert each website in your own chosen dark skin (that you can customize in the Turn Off the Lights Options page). That includes the background, text and hyperlink color for that website in the Night Mode.

How to activate the Facebook Night Mode Chrome extension

While you don’t need for each website a new Chrome extension. So all that you need to do, is to install this Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension. It’s the only and ultimate tool for all websites.

  1. Install the Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension from the Chrome web store
  2. When the installation is complete. Open now from the three dots menu the Extensions item, and search for the extension name Turn Off the Lights
  3. Click on the blue Options link below this Chrome extension name
  4. When the Turn Off the Lights Options page is open, select the Night Mode tab from the sidebar
  5. And enable here the first checkbox on that tab page. That will add the night switch on each web page. Where you as a user can enable and disable the Night Mode theme

If you ever have any additional questions, feedback or suggestions. The Turn Off the Lights Support team is always here to help you, so you get the best web experience day and night. And that without any disturbing element on the front of you. You can contact us on the official Turn Off the Lights support page.

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