Is there a Best Facebook Night Mode Chrome extension? Yes, there is one that you can easily darker the website on Facebook and beyond that social network. With the help of the free and Open Source Turn Off the Lights Browser extensions you can converts all websites in a darker theme.

How to activate the Facebook Night Mode Chrome extension

While you doesn’t need for each website a new Chrome extension. So all what you need to do, is to install this Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension. It’s the only and ultimate tool for all websites.

  1. Install the Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension from the Chrome web store
  2. Open now from the three dots menu the Extensions item, search for the extension “Turn Off the Lights”
  3. And click on the blue “options” link below this extension name
  4. When the Options page is open, click on the “Night Mode” tab
  5. And enable the first checkbox on that tab page


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