In Turn Off the Lights v3.1 and higher there is a new feature to stop automatically playing the YouTube and HTML5 video on that web page. So if you open a YouTube video (or a HTML5 video on that web page) in a new tab, it doesn’t continue to play. And it stop direct with automatically playing the video. When open this new tab you will see that the video is on pause. And you can easily play the video with a click on the play button of that video player.

Stop Automatically Playing

This great to stop the distraction and annoying sound in the background when you’re searching for a thing or answer online. To have this autostop feature enabled go to the Turn Off the Lights options page.

  1. Click right on the gray lamp button.
  2. Select the Options.
  3. The Turn Off the Lights options page will be opening in a new tab.
  4. And in the first Basic tab, you see the ‘autostop’ feature.

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