The Turn Off the Lights Safari extension have a fullscreen HTML5 options page, to customize the extension to your look and feeling. To open the Turn Off the Lights options page for the Safari web browser, follow the instructions below to open the page:

  1. Open your Safari web browser.
  2. Select Preference => click on the tab extension.
  3. Then click on “Turn Off the Lights” in the list of Safari extensions.
  4. There you see one checkbox, enable this to open the “Turn Off the Lights” options web page.

Safari Troubleshooting

If you see an empty white web page, then there is an item that block the opening of the Turn Off the Lights options page in your Safari browser. Please check the following things on your computer:

  • Extension
    Some Safari extensions can block the loading of the options page, try to disable the other extensions you are using. Such as the adblock extension.
  • Language
    It’s possible that the Turn Off the Lights extension doesn’t detect your language correct, and then it can stops loading this options page. But mostly is this caused because you are using an old Safari web browser.

Still have this issue in your web browser? Doesn’t hesitate and contact us using the email support service. You can find the link for email support here in the right sidebar.

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