Please tell me what are 2 Charming Easter Eggs in the Turn Off the Lights?

What is easter eggs?

Easter Eggs: A Historical Tapestry

Easter eggs, with roots tracing back to ancient cultures, symbolize new life and prosperity. From ancient Persia to medieval Europe, these tokens of celebration have evolved, becoming an integral part of various traditions worldwide. Each culture has woven its unique thread into the rich tapestry of Easter egg history.


It are a bonus or hidden secret for loyal fans. In the Turn Off the Lights there is one secret feature for all users. It is a feature that adds a cinema wallpaper behind the YouTube or HTML5 player.

Easter Egg 1: Cinema

To activate this secret feature in your web browser, follow the instructions steps here below for your favorite browser:

  1. Click right on the gray lamp button
  2. Click on the menu item Options
  3. Now the Turn Off the Lights options page shows up, click on the Advanced Options tab
  4. Check if the Easter Eggs checkbox is enabled
  5. Go to a YouTube video, click on the lamp icon to dim the web page
  6. Press then on the T key on your keyboard. Then you see it add a cinema background behind the opacity layer on any website such as YouTube website
Turn Off the Lights easter eggs
Easter eggs

Easter Egg 2: Mini-Game

Furthermore, if you type “balloon” in the search box of the Turn Off the Lights Options page (only available on the Turn Off the Lights browser extension version 4.1 or higher). You will see the 10-year anniversary game show up, then the search results. The goal of this game is that you must move the balloon between the walls. And at each level will it speed up this balloon speed.

Video Tutorial

How to the secret easter egg game

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