This Turn Off the Lights Safari help page is only for the Safari web browser version 9 users and may be out of date.

Must I update manually the Safari extension in Apple Safari web browser version 9 and higher? No, Safari web browser downloads and install automatically all your extension updates. Therefore, you as a user must do nothing anymore, this saves your time for other enjoyable things like watching a YouTube video about cats.

Every month you get Turn Off the Lights Safari extension update through the Safari extension panel. This update contains improvement in the stability and bug fixed of this Safari extension. Also, an update of the translation from the Turn Off the Lights translation community. So if you want to download the Turn Off the Lights Safari extension for your other web browser you can do it on this official website.

Update the Safari extension

You can also update manually the extension to the latest version this by following the steps here below:

  1. Open your Safari web browser from the Apple Dock menu
  2. On the Apple menu, you must click on the item Safari
  3. And select on the menu item Preference
  4. You see a new window show up on your screen and click now on the Extensions tab
  5. On your left side, you see all the installed Safari extensions. And just below this list, you see a button Updates. Click on this button to force the update.

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