Turn Off the Lights is one of the most used Google Chrome and browser extension. And there is no doubt due to the high number of users for this free extension, that works on all website included YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youku and many more.

In the options page that has a minimalist design, you can enable lots of features for on YouTube, and one of the features is the possibility to play the video quality automatically on 240p.

How setup 240p as default video quality

  1. Install the Turn Off the Lights browser extension that’s available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Maxthon, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Yandex.
  2. Click right on the gray lamp button.
  3. And click on the menu item “Options”.
  4. Now it opens the Turn Off the Lights options page and you see then that the “Basics” tab is active.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the web page, and enable the “Auto HD” feature.
  6. Enable the checkbox, and select “240p” as default quality.

Now it does what it says. As you living in French Guiana, Indonesian, Mexico, Philippines, Suriname, Vietnam and suffering from the slow internet and you want to play videos at 240p the Turn Off the Lights browser extension set it as default so that you don’t need to configure it every time.

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