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How to make Chrome Black? Google Chrome approved 1 Solution!

Are you wondering how to make Chrome Black? And that all 100% solid black? That from all your tabs, bookmarks, and even your address bar is black as the background color.

How to make Chrome Black
How to make Chrome Black

The solution is to install this free and professional Dark Chrome Theme from the Chrome web store. The can converts the default gray Chrome theme to this complete black user interface in a second in your web browser.

As a result, this complete black theme makes your user interface pop behind your web view content. So it makes it less distracted for the web content you are reading or the live video you are watching on YouTube.

How to make Chrome Black?

The easy and fast solution to get a completely black theme for your Google Chrome web browser.

Here below the instructions steps on how to install this theme in your Google Chrome web browser. That is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook computers.

  1. First, open your Google Chrome web browser. And navigate to Complete Black Theme for Google Chrome Chrome web store page
  2. Now click on the big blue Install button to install the Black theme in your current web browser
  3. And with a second your web browser user interface is completely black that includes the tab strip, frame, and menu bar

Addition note:
This theme will not change the website stylesheet to a solid black theme. As this Chrome theme contains no JavaScript code inside (that can be executed) to customize the web content. Therefore, downloads and installs only a single manifest.json document on your computer that contains the new color for your Google Chrome user interface. However, if you want to receive this dark experience for your favorite websites, you can install the free and most popular Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension.

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