Do you get an issue where the Night Mode switches off automatically back to the normal day view of that website? And that even if you scroll the web page down for a few pixels? Then you are on the correct help page to solve this issue on your favorite web browser.
This behavior issue is caused by the actions of the web page and or the browser extensions that adding or removing a hidden element in your current web page. For example, when you read an important news article on your favorite newspaper website. And you are at the end of the news article. It automatically adds and loads the next news article in that category.

The solution to fix the Night Mode switches off automatically

  1. Make sure you are using the latest web browser version (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc.)
  2. Disable all the other browser extensions you are using one by one except the Turn Off the Lights extension:
    1. For Google Chrome see this settings page:
    2. For Firefox see this settings page:
    3. For Opera see this settings page:
    4. Microsoft Edge see the extensions sidebar from the 3 dots menu icon
  3. And restart your web browser

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