Crunchyroll is an American distributor that focused on streaming anime, manga, and dorama. It is one of the best video streaming services since 2006 that is created by Students in California. Crunchyroll offers over 900 anime shows, more than 200 Asian dramas to users, and 50 manga titles as Crunchyroll Manga. That all on a bright website. However, with the free Turn Off the Lights Browser extension, you can each Crunchyroll web page in your personal chosen dark mode.

Crunchyroll in Night Mode

Also, this work on the video player website where it will change the bright background color to your own chosen dark color.

Crunchyroll video player website in Night Mode

Steps to get Crunchyroll in Dark Mode

  1. Install first the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension that is available in the official Turn Off the Lights website
  2. Click right on the gray lamp button, and choose from the context menu the item Options
  3. You see now a new page shows up, click then on the Night Mode tab
  4. Now activate the first checkbox you see in the Night Mode tab

Furthermore, in the Turn Off the Lights Options page, you can customize this Night Mode experience. That included changing the background, text and hyperlink colors.

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