How to enable Gamer Informer Dark Mode in 3 easy steps?


Welcome to the next level of gaming! In this article, we delve into the revolutionary realm of Gamer Informer Dark Mode. From its inception to its impact on gaming experiences, we’re here to guide you through every detail, providing insights and answering your burning questions.

What is Gamer Informer?

The Game Informer is an American monthly video game magazine featuring articles, news, strategy, and reviews of video games and associated consoles. It debuted in August 1991 when FuncoLand started publishing a six-page magazine. And when you read the Game Informer website, you see that there is no official button to get a Dark Mode version of his website. However, there is a free solution to get the Game Informer Dark Mode enabled.

Gamer Informer regular website
Gamer Informer regular website

With the free and most popular Turn Off the Lights browser extension, you can convert the website to your personal dark mode version. So you can read relax and comfortable the latest video game news. That from Xbox to the latest PlayStation games. And so you have no eye strain or heavy headaches after reading for hours the website with now the Gamer Informer Dark Mode website enabled.

Gamer Informer Dark Mode
Gamer Informer Dark Mode
Gamer Informer Light Mode
Gamer Informer Light Mode

Activate Gamer Informer Dark Mode with the free browser extension

For regular desktop internet users, you can get also this Gamerinformer Night Mode version on your favorite web browser. That is with the Night Mode option in the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension. Follow the steps below on how to enable this free solution in your web browser:

  1. Download the Turn Off the Lights browser extension
  2. Click right on the gray lamp button and select Options in the menu item
  3. The Turn Off the Lights Options page shows up and select the tab Night Mode
  4. Enable here the Night switch or the long-press feature to activate the night mode on the current web page

In addition, you can customize the website background, text, and hyperlink colors. So you can make it personal to your night theme style.

YouTube video tutorial

How to enable Night Mode on any websites

YouTube video tutorial on how to enable the Night Mode feature

How to activate Night Mode with Double-Click

How to activate Night Mode with Double-Click


In conclusion, Gamer Informer Dark Mode isn’t just a feature; it’s a revelation. Elevate your gaming experience, reduce eye strain, and immerse yourself in a world where every detail matters. Embrace the dark side for a brighter gaming future!

Hope that answers one of your questions about the Gamer Informer Dark Mode:

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  • How do I make Gamer informer Black?
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  • How to enable dark mode for Gamer Informer?

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FAQ Gamer Informer Dark Mode

How to enable Gamer Informer Dark Mode?

To enable this dark mode, you must install the free and Open-Source Turn Off the Lights browser extension. Then in the Options page enable the feature Night Mode.

How to Customize Gamer Informer Dark Mode?

In the Turn Off the Lights Options page you can change the color to your own dark personal color. That is for the background, text, hyperlink, button, and border.

Does Gamer Informer Dark Mode Conserve Battery Life?

Yes, it does! Learn how Gamer Informer Dark Mode contributes to energy efficiency, ensuring longer gaming sessions without worrying about battery drainage.

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