Jalan Dark Mode: The #1 Ultimate Guide to Reducing Eye Strain and Enhancing User Experience


In today’s digital world, we spend most of our time staring at screens. Whether it’s our smartphones, laptops, or tablets, our eyes are constantly exposed to bright and glaring light. This overexposure can lead to eye strain, fatigue, and even headaches. Fortunately, there is a solution: Jalan Dark Mode.

What is Jalan.net?

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What is Jalan Dark Mode?

Jalan Dark Mode is a feature available on most modern devices that changes the background of your screen from white to black, and the text from black to white. This feature can reduce eye strain by eliminating the harsh glare from the screen and providing a more comfortable viewing experience. Jalan Dark Mode can also enhance the overall appearance of your device and make it easier to use in low-light conditions.

Jalan Dark Mode thanks to the free and Open-Source Turn Off the Lights browser extension
Jalan Dark Mode thanks to the free and Open-Source Turn Off the Lights browser extension

Benefits of Using Jalan Dark Mode

There are several benefits to using Jalan Dark Mode on your device:

  1. Reduced Eye Strain: The main benefit of Jalan Dark Mode is that it reduces eye strain. By eliminating the harsh glare from the screen, your eyes don’t have to work as hard to focus on the content.
  2. Improved Battery Life: If you have an OLED screen, using Jalan Dark Mode can actually improve your device’s battery life. Since black pixels on an OLED screen are turned off, using Jalan Dark Mode means fewer pixels are turned on, which results in less power consumption.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: Jalan Dark Mode can also enhance your overall user experience. It provides a sleek and modern look to your device, making it easier to use in low-light conditions.
  4. Better Sleep: Studies have shown that exposure to blue light can disrupt your circadian rhythm and make it harder to fall asleep at night. Jalan Dark Mode can help reduce your exposure to blue light, which can lead to better sleep.

How to Enable Jalan Dark Mode

Enabling Jalan Dark Mode is a simple process, and the steps may vary slightly depending on the device you’re using. Here’s how to enable Jalan Dark Mode.

For regular desktop internet users, you can get also this Jalan Night Mode version on your favorite web browser. That is with the Night Mode option in the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension. Follow the steps below on how to enable this free solution in your web browser:

  1. Download the Turn Off the Lights browser extension
  2. Click right on the gray lamp button and select Options in the menu item
  3. The Turn Off the Lights Options page shows up and select the tab Night Mode
  4. Enable here the Night switch or the long-press feature to activate the night mode on the current web page
YouTube video tutorial on how to enable the Night Mode feature

In addition, you can customize the website background, text, and hyperlink colors. So you can make it personal to your night theme style. And get the Dark Mode on Jalan you want to see in your web browser.

Site Access (only to King Jalan Mode)

Turn Off the Lights browser extension take your privacy very seriously, and you set up this browser extension to only allow the Jalan website. Here are the steps on how to activate this feature.

  1. Open the chrome://extensions page and search for Turn Off the Lights
Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension on the Chrome://extensions page
Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension on the Chrome://extensions page
  1. Click on the button Details to open the detailed information about this Chrome extension
  2. Search for the section Site Access, and click on the selection box to the menu item “On specific sites
  1. A new popup panel shows up, and type now this URL in the text box “https://www.jalan.net”
  1. When you are done, click on the blue Add button to close this panel

Free and Open-Source

The Turn Off the Lights browser extension is free and Open-Source. And it is available on all modern web browsers. That includes Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Yandex, Brave, Vivaldi, Naver Whale, Yandex, and Cốc Cốc.


Jalan Dark Mode is an essential feature that can greatly enhance your user experience and reduce eye strain. It’s easy to enable and is available on most modern devices. By enabling Dark Mode, you can enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience and protect your eyes from the harmful effects of overexposure to bright light. So, what are you waiting for? Enable Jalan Dark Mode today and see the difference for yourself!

Hope that answers one of your questions about the Jalan Dark Mode:

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What is Jalan dark mode?

Jalan dark mode is a feature that allows users to switch to a darker color scheme for their digital devices. This feature is becoming increasingly popular among software developers and users alike, as it provides a more comfortable and visually appealing experience when using digital devices for extended periods of time.

Are there any downsides to using Jalan dark mode?

While dark mode can be beneficial for many users, there are some potential downsides to keep in mind. These include:
1. Reduced readability: Depending on the device and software, dark mode may make text and other content more difficult to read, particularly if the text is small or the colors are not well-contrasted.
2. Limited color accuracy: For users who work with color-sensitive content, such as photographers or graphic designers, dark mode may not accurately represent colors on their screens.
3. Compatibility issues: Some older devices or software may not be compatible with dark mode, meaning that the feature may not be available or may not work properly.

Can Jalan dark mode cause eye damage?

There is no evidence to suggest that using dark mode can cause eye damage. In fact, as mentioned earlier, dark mode may help reduce eye strain and make it easier to view content on digital devices for extended periods of time. However, it is important to keep in mind that staring at screens for long periods of time can still cause eye strain

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