When you are using the Google Chrome web browser, and you are using the Dark Mode option (on Windows and Mac), then you can see a dark mode user interface. That from the buttons to the web page itself is all in a dark version. Here the useful and complete solution on how Google Chrome dark mode change back to normal.

Google chrome dark mode change back to normal

For Windows users

If you are a Windows 10 users, then follow these steps to get Google Chrome dark mode change back to a normal user interface:

  1. Open your Settings page, from the Start bar and then on the wrench icon
  2. Got now to Personalization
  3. Click on the left side panel on Colors
  4. And change the “Choose your default app mode” now from Dark to Light

For Mac users

Want the bright Google Chrome user interface on Mac, follow the steps here below:

  1. Open your System Preferences from the Apple dock menu
  2. A new window shows up and selects now the item General
  3. On the top change the Appearance from Dark or Auto to the first item Light

You possible installed a Dark Chrome theme, here on how to remove a theme from Chrome

If you installed a dark theme, you can get back the default Chrome theme by following the steps here below in your Chrome web browser:

  1. Click the Chrome menu  on the browser toolbar
  2. In the menu click on the Settings item, and below the text Appearance you see the topic theme
  3. Click on the gray button Reset to default theme to get back your default Chrome theme

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