You want a Safari Night Mode that is the best and ultimate experience, you can get thanks to the Turn Off the Lights Safari extension. A single click on the night switch, that change everything like when you do the lights off in your home.

What is the Safari Night Mode?

This is a feature name from in the Turn Off the Lights browser extension that converts the website stylesheet to your own color choice. For example in the Options page, you can choose for the website background this dark color #666666. And for your text a #FFFFFF white color, and at last your hyperlink a more visible color such as blue.

When you are on that web page, you see a night switch below that page. And a single click on that switch, it converts the current stylesheet to your own dark theme. Do you want back to the regular style? There is no easier way than just click again on this night switch. So you get back the (bright) website.

Steps to activate the Night Mode

You can get activate very fast the Night Mode feature. Just by following the instruction steps here below in your Safari desktop web browser:

  1. Install first the free Turn Off the Lights Safari extension that is available in the Apple App Store.
    • From the Extension icon:
      1. Double-tap on the gray lamp button, and from the popup window click on the button Options
    • From the Application folder (in your Launchpad open the “Turn Off the Lights for Safari” Mac app):
      • When the Safari extension is enabled, click below the bottom bar on this Options button to open the Turn Off the Lights Options page.
  2. You see that it opens the Turn Off the Lights Options page, click then on the Night Mode tab
  3. Now activate the first checkbox you see in the Night Mode tab
Night Mode for Safari in the Turn Off the Lights Options page
Turn Off the Lights Options page – Night Mode

Now you enjoy the web better and darker than ever before, thanks to the Night Mode feature. The best dark mode for Safari free for everyone. If you have any questions or still have an issue with this feature. Don’t hesitate to contact us by using this support form, and describe the issue you have and your system information to us.

Safari Night Mode FAQ

Does Safari have a night mode?

No. There is no way to keep the current layout and then change the web page color automatically in your Safari web browser. However, you can use the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension and enable the Night Mode feature. That will convert all websites to your own custom night theme.

Can I customize the Night Mode theme?

Yes, in the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension you can customize the Night Mode theme to your own favorite dark color. That make it the best customizable night extension ever for your Safari web browser.

How do I turn on night mode on safari?

Open the Turn Off the Lights for Safari app, and click on the Options button. Here in the Night Mode tab you can enable this Night Mode feature. And customize it to your personal touch.

How do I make Safari Black on iPhone?

If you want the Night Mode experience on your mobile Safari app. You can install the free “Turn Off the Lights for Mobile”, that include the best dark mobile web browser and the Night Mode Safari extension.

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