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How much does it cost for 1 Turn Off the Lights extension?

It cost you nothing (zero point zero)! Turn Off the Lights is a free browser extension for your favorite desktop web browser and you must not pay us to download and install this extension. However, it is recommended to keep the development alive and to make this useful tool available for all new users. The extension is available for web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Maxthon, Microsoft Edge, and Yandex browser. You can download it here on the official Turn Off the Lights website or on the browser extension gallery.

Cost to support the develoment
Cost to support the develoment

Cost Development Support

But you can donate us to keep this extension visible online for the other users. You choose an amount between the 1 and 250 euro, US dollar, Pound, or Russian Ruble. If the donation amount is too low and wants to donate a car value to us (or even a higher value). Then contact us using the support form on the right sidebar. You can donate using PayPal, credit card, master card, visa, and bank. Also, there is an option to donate with the virtual currency bitcoin payment. Where you choose self the amount that must send online in the peer network.

The cost will be used to maintain this domain and web hosting. And the platform amount to deliver this software to you and the new users.

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