YouTube extension for Google Chrome is what you searching for on the Google search engine? Well, you are at the right web page and time! Because Turn Off the Lights Chrome extension is the best tool that can customize on the YouTube website, but also on other websites where the YouTube video players is embedded.

YouTube extension for Google Chrome

To get your ultimate YouTube tool today, just install the Turn Off the Lights browser extension from our official homepage. When the installation is successful complete. Then you see a gray lamp button in the toolbar of the Google Chrome web browser. And with one click on this lamp button it converts the web page to a cinema mode.

There are more then ten options to customize the YouTube web experience, such as the YouTube AutoHD. That force the player to get the highest video quality. Or want to block all those videos with a 60fps (and get back the default 30fps) that increase the CPU and memory use in your Google Chrome web browser. Or if you want to play the YouTube video player in the widest mode, you can enable this also in the Turn Off the Lights Options.

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