Do you experience the issue that it dims the whole screen, and doesn’t highlight the video player on 9anime website? You are not alone with this problem. There are few users already reported this to us. However, you can solve this issue in your web browser.

Solution to highlight video on 9anime

The solution to the issue is very easy. Enable the “Flash Detection” feature in the Turn Off the Lights Options page:
1. Open the Turn Off the Lights Options page
2. Click on the tab “Advanced Options”
3. You will see the first topic “Flash Detection”. And enable here the last radio button:
“Show all Flash objects, skipping the URL filter. This will fix problems with some video players being hidden, but will also display ads.”
4. Open that 9anime video page (refresh the page F5)
5. Click now on the gray lamp button and it should highlight that video player
Why Flash Detection?
There is a video player that is coming from outside the ‘‘ website (-> from another domain). And for that reason, you must enable this feature. The Flash Detection feature searching for all video players (iframe, objects) and push this video on top of the dark layer.

Do you found technical, factual and grammatical errors on the Turn Off the Lights website?
You can report a technical problem using the Turn Off the Lights online technical error feedback form.

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