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How do I ensure that Safari is up-to-date on my macOS in 3 easy steps?

Turn Off the Lights extension on Safari is up-to-date
Safari is up-to-date

Safari is up-to-date if the latest macOS is installed on your computer. Therefore make sure you use the latest Safari version follow the steps here below:

  1. Open you Apple Macbook or desktop computer on the blue “App Store” app icon in your dock
  2. Click now on the “Updates” tab
  3. Wait a few minutes for checking on updates is done.
    • And if you see there is a new macOS update, click and download the free update.
    • If you see only this text: “No Updates Available”, then you have the latest operating system installed on your Mac computer.

Do you want to know which version Safari web browser you are using now? Therefore follow the steps here below to get your Safari version number:

  1. Open the Safari web browser from the macOS dock bar
  2. Click in the Apple menubar on “Safari
  3. Select from the Safari context menu the “About” in the list

Safari is up-to-date

The user can find out more information about the latest Safari web browser version (for your macOS) on the official Apple Support page. Furthermore, it is always recommended you as a user to use the latest version of the Apple Safari web browser. As a result, you get the latest security fix and web performance improvement.

Note: Windows users doesn’t support the Apple Safari web browser. Therefore is the latest version for that operating system, the Safari v5.1.7 (May 9, 2012).

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