When you are using the Night Mode feature from the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension. That is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Maxthon and Microsoft Edge. Default it will show you a sun and moon Icon switch in the top left of your web page. Most noteworthy, you can customize the position of the night switch. So it fits well in your web experience.

The solution on how to change the position of the night switch

  1. Open the Turn Off the Lights Options page
  2. On the Options page, click on the sidebar menu item Night Mode
  3. You see now the complete adjust the Night Mode feature. Scroll down until you see the topic Position of the switch, here you can change it to the following settings:
    • Top left
    • Top right
    • Bottom right
    • Bottom left
    • Custom (click, hold and move the switch to the desired screen location)
  4. Restart the web page, and you see the switch is moved to your personal position

You can enable and disable the Night Mode feature also without the use of this night switch. You can enable it from the new Double Click menu (available since Turn Off the Lights Browser extension version 4.0)

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