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How can I translate the amazing Turn Off the Lights into one of the 54 languages?

The Turn Off the Lights is a popular browser extension, and it’s possible that your language is not translated. But you can help us today!

Turn Off the Lights Crowdin localized project number

How To Get Started?

To translate directly this project, open this Translation Club page. On that page, you see a big blue button to start translating the Turn Off the Lights project. Most noteworthy before you can enter this page, you need a Crowdin account and you automatically agreed with translation rules below this paragraph.

Translate the Turn Off the Lights browser extension in one of the 54 languages
Translate the Turn Off the Lights browser extension in one of the 54 languages

What is this on the Crowdin website? It is a great online tool to manage all our translations. And it is very easy to manage, edit online on all kinds of types of mobile platforms or on your personal computer.

Rules about the translation

To get a good quality of the translation and to get it uniform in all languages. First of all, you must follow the rules here below:

  • The trademark “Turn Off the Lights” may not be translated to other languages. (*Only Chinese translators may translate this text)
  • The first letters of the trademark must be all in the capital letters, and not the mid-word “the”.
  • You are free to translate, improve and provide suggestions to improve this string in the comment sidebar. There is no compensation per translated word.
  • If the HTML syntax the same as in the original English string. Don’t remove the <a href attribute.
    Example: <a href=””>Google Official Company website</a>
  • If you see an URL in text, don’t translate (the words inside) or change the link.
  • Furthermore, don’t translate the web browser name in your own local language. Also, do not edit this trademark name. For Example the web browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Maxthon, Yandex web browser and Microsoft Edge.
  • Finally, do not spread hate or threat to other Crowdin users. If we see this in our Turn Off the Lights project, we will take the necessary steps.

One last thing. Thank you so much for contributing and we really appreciate it!

Maintaining translations

Finally, on each +/-2,5 week, there is an update for all the Turn Off the Lights software platforms. The users of this software will get the latest translations update.


Will I be paid for at a special rate?

Turn Off the Lights is a free open source project and you are free to translate and improve this translation strings in your own local language.

Can I be a proofreader for this project?

Yes, you can be a proofreader. So long if you translate a lot and help other translators around the world in this project and you are one of the people that can improve this translation community. Become a proofreader is based on the following guideline:

  • Translate a lot of strings in the project
  • Regular participation over a minimum of 4 months
  • Excellent quality strings
  • Interaction with fellow members and provide feedback or suggest a better string

When you reach this guideline, you will be automatically contacted by us.

I translate Turn Off the Lights, can I now be in the credits?

Yes, the list is available on this page and if you can’t find your name. So just ping us, and we will update this web page.

Can I get a Certificate of Appreciation for my translation work?

Yes, you can get a Certificate translation participation in the Turn Off the Lights project. So this depends on your performance, feedback, and discussion in this project. Then you get your digital certificate (if you are at least an active member for 6 months), contact the team by using the support form.

Did you find technical, factual or grammatical errors on the Turn Off the Lights website?
You can report a technical problem using the Turn Off the Lights online technical error feedback form.

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