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How can I change the pale gray layer to black in 5 Easy Steps?

Gray, light gray, pale gray or silver layer? Do you want not to have a gray layer on top of your website content when you click on the Turn Off the Lights lamp button, but wants it 100% black? Follows the steps here below to change the opacity of this dark layer to the maximum value. Using Google Chrome, Safari, Opera and Firefox web browser.

In the Turn Off the Lights Options page in the Basic tab you can change the gray layer color
Turn Off the Lights Options page – Basic tab

Change the pale gray layer

To do this, open your default web browser that you want to change the opacity value of the layer.

  1. Click right on the Turn Off the Lights lamp icon
  2. And click on the menu item Options in the context menu
  3. Turn Off the Lights options page show up in a new tab, And in the Basics tab move the opacity slider to the value of 100%
  4. Refresh the web page and click now on the lamp button
  5. Now you have a black layer on top of your page or video website

Now you can watch online your favorite YouTube TV channel such as “The Bachelor”, “the Bachelorette”, “American Idol”, “House of Cards” or your sports video from “Nfl”. Turn Off the Lights will dark environment around the video player. Where you can concentrate on the video content.

YouTube Video Tutorial

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