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How to solve the YouTube Flash end Support of Adobe Flash in the Year 2020?

The YouTube website support these days only HTML5 video player, and the YouTube Flash support is soon ended. Because most web browsers will not add anymore the NPAPI plugin (the Adobe Flash player) in his web browser.

YouTube Flash will end in the year 2020
YouTube Flash will end in the year 2020

What is Adobe Flash?

That delivers breakthrough web experiences across platforms and devices since the begin years of the internet. And the Adobe Flash Player runtime lets you effortlessly reach over 1.3 billion people across browsers and OS versions with no install. Therefore, it was in use for the content of the video, showing 3D animation and objects, etc.

How get the YouTube Flash?

In Google Chrome will the browser manage itself the flash update for each new web browser version. In Chrome v56 is Adobe Flash support ended. While in Opera you can use the Flash player if you go to the Adobe Official website and download there the latest version.

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Important note: Adobe announced that they will stop supporting the Adobe Flash plug-in on all web browsers in December 2020. And recommend you to use the HTML5 technology to bring your content and creation to life.

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