The most beastly YouTube options for Google Chrome can be found here. The Turn Off the Lights Browser extension is the tool that is designed and engineered for YouTube users. The free browser extension is also available for other web browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Safari, Maxthon and Microsoft Edge.

YouTube options for Google Chrome

You can download the Turn Off the Lights on the Chrome web store, and it is also available on the official Turn Off the Lights website.

If you installed for the first time the Chrome extension, you can dims the web page by a single click on the gray lamp button. However, when you open the Turn Off the Lights Options page you can tweak YouTube web page even further. Such as the option to show a glow effect around the playing YouTube video. Or enable the option to get a full High Definition video automatically,. Or enable the way to get a dark web page with the Night Mode feature. And many more options can be enabled in the Turn Off the Lights Options page.

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