On the internet you see more bad software online that is spying on the user or doing bad things behind your back. Turn Off the Lights is an Open Source browser extension and we don’t add any ads, flash or other malware in your browser (Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, Maxthon, Microsoft Edge, etc). Also, we don’t simply collect small amounts of anonymous data for research purposes, and we don’t scan the user’s whole browsing activity.

Quote from the lead developer Stefan

Privacy is very important for me and also for my users. Turn Off the Lights browser extension does what it must do and with a clean user interface for the user to change the look and feeling in this extension. And as Turn Off the Lights user you are free to take a look behind the code of this project. It’s all nicely written line by line, not compressed and not encrypted.

Turn Off the Lights is a trusted browser extension that is used worldwide and is used by more than 2 millions users. The high number of users tell it also that it’s safe to use this browser extension, and in Chrome web store it has a review rating of more than 4,65 of the 5 stars. That is high for a browser extension that is also available for free to everyone. While it has also been designed and engineered for children, students, and teachers.

Other companies ask that you must spying me

If you are a company that has an offer for us about collecting data or placing ads in our browser extension. Then we can not accept these types of practices because of our privacy license, the rights of freedom and anonymity on the internet.

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