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Do you have an API to highlight a web item on our website?

If you are a webmaster or web developer, and you want to have your Adobe Flash video player or presentation object detected well in the Turn Off the Lights browser extension. Then you must use the Turn Off the Lights API code. You can find an example on this official Turn Off the Lights API web page.

Important note: The API is not needed for the HTML5 video and the YouTube embedded video player. Because that is default detected by the browser extension. And will highlight this automatically when you dim the web page.


Turn Off the Lights extension API

Turn Off the Lights create this industry standard in web browser technology since the year 2009. It is one of the elements that Turn Off the Lights push the internet forward, and no other extensions or companies have done this before.



By having one of these elements on your web page, the Turn Off the Lights browser extension will detect this element and highlight only that element on top of the dark layer. So it makes it very easy for your users to see the important element on top of it. And we the users have a comfortable experience in his web browser.

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