Can I use an Adblock extension together? | easy in 3 steps


Of course, you can use an ad blocker (such as the AdBlock Plus browser extension) together with the popular Turn Off the Lights browser extension. This does not conflict with any features inside this browser extension such as YouTube Auto HD, YouTube Auto Wide, Atmosphere Lighting (glow light around the video player), Eye Protection, Night Mode, etc. It will continue to work as regular and without disturbing you.

Adblock Plus website
Adblock Plus website

Adblock Warning message

On the internet, you see others that show this kind of message if you have an ad blocker installed on your favorite browser:

We’ve detected that you’re using AdBlock. That’s fine, but …software name… may not function properly. Please consider disabling your ad blocker on this website.

We do not disturb and bully our users to turn off their Adblocker to have a full cinema experience. You will see not this message here in the Turn Off the Lights browser extension.

Here at Turn Off the Lights, we give our browser extension and theme as a free internet tool. And advertising makes it possible to keep our hosting online for new users. If you like our website and want to preserve the Turn Off the Lights browser extension is a free tool, please whitelist us Turn Off the Lights website. And if you can make a donation, we truly appreciate it to support our work.


As we bid farewell to intrusive ads and embrace a faster, cleaner online experience, it’s evident that adblock has revolutionized the way we navigate the digital landscape. From enhancing speed to safeguarding privacy, this tool empowers users to reclaim control over their online journey. Adblock isn’t just a blocker; it’s a liberator, transforming the internet into a space where content takes center stage, uninterrupted.

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How can I use an ad blocker like Adblock Plus with the Turn Off the Lights browser extension?

To use an ad blocker like Adblock Plus with the Turn Off the Lights browser extension, simply install the Adblock Plus browser extension alongside Turn Off the Lights. They work seamlessly together, allowing you to enjoy features like YouTube Auto HD, Auto Wide, Atmosphere Lighting, Eye Protection, and Night Mode without any conflicts.

Will I encounter annoying messages asking me to disable my ad blocker when using Turn Off the Lights?

No, you won’t. Turn Off the Lights respects your browsing experience and does not display disruptive messages asking you to disable your ad blocker. You can enjoy the full cinema experience without any unnecessary interruptions.

How does advertising contribute to Turn Off the Lights, and why should I consider whitelisting the website?

Advertising is crucial for maintaining Turn Off the Lights as a free internet tool and supporting hosting for new users. If you appreciate the free Turn Off the Lights browser extension and want to contribute, consider whitelisting the Turn Off the Lights website. Donations are also welcomed to further support their work.

Can I use Turn Off the Lights without making a donation?

Absolutely. Turn Off the Lights provides its browser extension and theme for free. While donations are appreciated to support their work, it’s not mandatory. You can still use the Turn Off the Lights browser extension without making a donation.

Are there any conflicts between Adblock Plus and Turn Off the Lights features?

No, there are no conflicts. Using Adblock Plus in conjunction with Turn Off the Lights does not impact the functionality of features such as YouTube Auto HD, Auto Wide, Atmosphere Lighting, Eye Protection, or Night Mode. Both extensions work seamlessly together for an enhanced browsing experience.

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