Turn Off the Lights Atmopshere LightingThe Atmosphere Lighting support only the HTML5 videos. This included the follow video types ogv, mp4, avi, mpeg, wmv and webgl on the internet. And Adobe Flash objects such as the SWF file type are not supported. The real atmosphere lighting and vivid mode works only well on YouTube and in a HTML5 video player.

Atmosphere Lighting

The extension will try to receive the video data, and convert this video content to the colors around the video player. If it’s impossible to receive this data (example the video site block the access to that information). Turn Off the Lights catch the error and forward it to the first option, to shows a solid glow color around the HTML5 player or YouTube video.

Recommend Internet Browser

Also we recommend you to use the Google Chrome browser for a optimal and secure browsing on the internet. Turn Off the Lights internet tool is built first on this web browser and use the latest webkit engine or now know as Blink engine (from the Chromium team).

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