If you are looking for on how advertise on YouTube masthead banner on YouTube.com website. You can read here more about the steps to get your YouTube videos visible for all viewers.

Here you can generate a preview of your YouTube masthead banner.

YouTube masthead banner from Turn Off the Lights Browser extension

Make sure your follow the guideline for the masthead desktop and guideline for the masthead mobile users.

The YouTube Masthead

The YouTube masthead is also called the Reserved Placements and that must be payed by CPD (Cost per Duration). So, you can pay for a one day to get your product or video visible on the YouTube homepage. YouTube can charge you for these are the rich media 970×250 ads, $375000 per day. For a small business users can that be a bit too much in his budget.

Advertisers report Reserved Placements ads cost a minimum of $300,000, so they are a significant investment but for large companies those billion YouTube viewers could be well worth it. To apply for a masthead ad on YouTube advertisers must first call the Google sales team for a consultation. Here you can call a video ad expert near you in United States, Canada, Australia, India, United Kingdom.

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