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Turn Off the Lights browser extension is a unique extension for your web browser and child-safe to use it. Here the YouTube extension comparison with an overview of the features inside the free extension. That is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Maxthon, and the Yandex browser.

YouTube extension comparison

The overview of the fake and unreliable YouTube extension comparison with the most popular and used Turn Off the Lights browser extension.

Features Turn Off the Lights Fake YouTube extensions
Review ★★★★★ ★☆☆☆☆
Open Source YES NO
Black layer on all websites YES NO
Customize the layer YES NO
AutoPlay on YouTube & HTML5 video YES NO
AutoStop on YouTube & HTML5 video YES NO
YouTube AutoHD (720p, 1080p, 4K, 8K) YES NO
Dynamic Background YES NO
Night Mode on all websites YES NO
Vivid Mode on YouTube YES NO
Eye Protection YES NO
Shortcut key to dim the page YES NO
Camera Motion YES NO
Speech Recognition YES NO
Reduce memory browser if inactive YES NO
Support all browsers YES NO
Live Support on a secure website YES NO
How-to videos YES NO
Mobile App (Windows, Android, iOS) YES NO
Child-friendly YES NO
Install Adware and Malware NO YES
Google Ads in the code project NO YES
Inject Ads on YouTube NO YES
Spy you on YouTube NO YES
Show annoying popups on a random time NO YES
Write Fake reviews NO YES

Turn Off the Lights is a unique and the best extension ever. This helps you to focus the HTML5 or YouTube player with an option to shows a vivid brightness glow around the video player.
As an example in performance, if you don’t click on the extension button it automatically removes the extension from your browser memory. It is for reasons why this is in the top 10 browser extension tool for students and teachers (for K12, High School, College, and University).

Your satisfaction is our top priority

If you have a question or feedback for us, use the support link here on the sidebar. We support all our users and we promise 100% satisfaction. This browser extension is all build-up by users like you. And to maintain this in a clean and simple design to change the settings on the options page.

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