Turn Off the Lights is made by Stefan Van Damme, known on the internet as “Stefan vd” is one Belgian lead developer. That created first this extension for the Google Chrome browser on 15 december 2009. Later that next year it’s also available for the other web browser such as Safari, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Maxthon. Turn Off the Lights is also improved by few other developers. And on 23 September 2016 is the Turn Off the Lights available for the Microsoft Edge web browser.
Stefan Van Damme is since 2010 also one of the only Belgium Top contributor of Google and mentor in the Google Chrome Help forum.

Turn Off the Lights Google Chrome extension

Made in a garage?

Most successful software or companies such as Apple, Microsoft are born in a garage, but this is something else. It’s a place where you rest and sleep well. And where you can watch a movie in good quality in the front row. Don’t forget you are also mobile and you can enjoy anywhere. Can you guest it? 🙂

Can I join this community?

Of course you can join us team! There are two kind of community here at Turn Off the Lights, the translators group on https://crowdin.com/project/turnoffthelights and the developer group where everyone can read and improve the code on https://github.com/turnoffthelights.

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