The web server hosting on Turn Off the Lights website is from NameCheap. It’s a American company which have a 24 on 24 live support chat for new and existing users. It’s one of the good hosting company that you can pay with PayPal and Bitcoin.

Cheap Domain Registration Hosting

The reason why this company is so good, that’s because they provide you the cheapest domains. Here below an overview of the domain prices for each new year:

.eu Europese Unie €2.99
.nl Netherlands €3.24
.be Belgium €3.24
.uk United Kingdom €4.99 United Kingdom €4.99 United Kingdom €4.99 United Kingdom €4.99
.net Globaal €6.49
.com Globaal €7.49
.org Globaal €7.49

Dedicated server hosting

You can also order a dedicated server hosting, where you have an own server and IP address. With a dedicated server from Namecheap you always get full root access to the server. Allows you to customize everything on the server as needed. This means that you can install eg PHP modules on the server, while in a web hosting package or reseller package is not possible. For complex applications, a dedicated server is so excellent.

SSL Certificate

Security is very important these days, and also this company provide you the cheapest certificate from the most famous brands. An SSL certificate protects the connection between the visitor and the website and ensures that the data flow between the visitor and the website is not readable for others.

Order today your domain and hosting at Namecheap for less then 3,98$. Namecheap support Bank, Visa, MasterCard, Paypal and iDeal as payment.

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