Turn Off the Lights have many projects inside. That from the Browser, Mobile and desktop application. The first project is the launch of the Chrome extension on 15 December 2009. That extension adds a gray lamp button in your web browser toolbar and can dim the web page with a single click on this lamp button. That will reduce the bright light that is coming from that website. The other project is the dark mobile web browser and the best screen dimmer for your Windows and Mac computer.

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Turn Off the Lights project: Browser


This is a free and open source browser extension that can control many multimedia features in your web browser. That from dimming the web page, AutoStop, YouTube AutoHD, Night Mode, Atmosphere Lighting, Eye Protection, Dynamic Background, Eco saver, etc.

You can get the Turn Off the Lights browser extension on this page. It is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Maxthon, Yandex, and Microsoft Edge web browsers.

Featured on the Google blog, YouTube blog, ZDnet, MacLife, Lifehacker, New York Times, Bild, etc.

And it speaks your language, the browser extension is available for more than 55 languages such as English, Spanish, French, Greeks, Russian, German, Arabic, Italian, JapanesePortuguese, DanishDutch, FinnishTurks, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc.


To get a dark experience, Turn Off the Lights the most ultimate and dark skin for your web browser. So that makes the web browser darker than ever before.

Turn Off the Lights project: Mobile

Get a dark mobile web browser in your pocket. It is the fastest and also the darkest we browser to browse the internet. And it is available for Android, iOS, and Windows.

Turn Off the Lights project: Desktop

The screen dimmer that will dim your whole screen and can highlight the application on top of this dark layer. That helps you concrete on the important tasks you must do. And it can protect your eyes against that bright light that shining on your face. You can download it for Windows and Mac computers.


Feedback and Support

If you have any questions or need help, you can contact always contact us here on the Turn Off the Lights support website. We are happy to help you there further. And all ideas and suggestions are welcome.

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