How using YouTube for advertising to reach Explode 1m views?


Looking for more users? Then using YouTube for advertising is the solution. You can advertise on the biggest YouTube video platform. So, you get more YouTube views, YouTube subscribers, grow your business, and also have more visitors to your own personal or corporate website.

Using YouTube for advertising for more visitors with Google Ads
Using YouTube for advertising for more visitors with Google Ads

2. Understanding the Dynamics of YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising Landscape

Navigate the dynamic world of YouTube advertising, from TrueView ads to bumper ads, and discover which format aligns best with your marketing objectives.

Harnessing the Power of Keywords

Uncover the secrets of optimizing your ads with the right keywords, ensuring your content resonates with your target audience.

3. Crafting Compelling Ad Content

Storytelling Through Videos

Master the art of storytelling in your ads, creating narratives that captivate and resonate with your viewers.

Visual Appeal and Branding

Explore the significance of visually appealing content and how effective branding can leave a lasting impression on your audience.

4. Steps for using YouTube for advertising

To advertise on our official Turn Off the Lights YouTube Channel, follow the steps here below. As a result, using YouTube for advertising you have the possibility to reach more users than you ever wanted.

  1. Open your Google Ads page
  2. Click on the top navigation bar on “Campaign
  3. On that page you see a blue circle with a white plus icon, click on this button
  4. Choose now for “new campaign
  5. Here you can choose “video” to create a YouTube video ad
TrueView In-Stream
  • This ad immediately immerses viewers in your content. After 5 seconds, they can keep watching or skip it.
  • You pay when a viewer watches 30 seconds (or the whole duration, if shorter) or interacts with your ad.
  • Use this format when you want your video ad to appear before, during, or after other videos on YouTube.
TrueView Discovery
  • This ad appears next to related YouTube videos, on YouTube search results, or on the YouTube desktop and mobile homepage.
  • You pay when a viewer clicks your ad and begins watching your video.
  • Use this format to reach people in moments of discovery, when they’re searching or browsing videos.

Bumper Ads

  • This ad is 6 seconds or shorter and plays before, during, or after another video. Viewers cannot skip the ad.
  • You pay per CPM (each time your ad is shown 1,000 times).
  • Use this format when you’d like to reach viewers broadly with a short, memorable message.
Google Advertising platform

Also with Google Ads platform, you can advertise on the official Turn Off the Lights website. Furthermore, you can choose your target audience and banner you want to use to promote your YouTube video or TV show.


In conclusion, using YouTube for advertising opens a world of possibilities for businesses aiming to thrive in the digital realm. Embrace the strategies outlined in this guide, and witness your advertising efforts soar to new heights.


Is using YouTube for advertising a good solution for more visitors?

Yes, using YouTube for advertising is a good platform. Most users are more a video platform than ever before. It reaches different demographic groups of users.

Is YouTube Advertising Suitable for Small Businesses?

Absolutely! YouTube advertising offers scalable options, making it accessible and effective for businesses of all sizes.

How Can I Target a Specific Audience on YouTube?

Utilize YouTube’s robust targeting options, including demographics, interests, and browsing behavior, to reach your ideal audience.

What’s the Ideal Duration for a YouTube Ad?

While it varies, aim for concise yet impactful content. Research suggests ads under two minutes often perform exceptionally well.

Can I Track the ROI of My YouTube Ads?

Yes, leverage YouTube Analytics to track your ad’s performance, evaluate ROI, and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

Are TrueView Ads Worth the Investment?

Absolutely! TrueView ads, with their skippable feature, ensure you only pay for engaged viewers, making them a cost-effective choice.

How Often Should I Refresh My Ad Creatives?

Regularly update your ad creatives to prevent ad fatigue and maintain audience interest. Aim for refreshing content every 4-6 weeks.

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