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Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - Tablet Mode

Doing great things online, and still enjoying your video or web page, too.

Turn Off the Lights introduces great new features like Atmosphere Lighting, AutoHD for YouTube, Repeat for YouTube, AutoWide for YouTube and tabs. It also makes the things you do every day even easier, faster, and more enjoyable. And it works easily to dark a web page, by a tap or click on the lamp button.

Watch the "Turn Off the Lights" video

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Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App on a Surface tablet
The all-in-one cinema app for your Windows 10 computer and Windows Surface! Turn Off the Lights will drastically improve your YouTube video-viewing and internet experience. Millions of people search new things, watch videos and movies online every day. The user want it easy to play a video and navigate to a new page without any problems. And at the same time it must be more powerful and friendlier. That’s why we’re so excited about the all new Turn Off the Lights for Windows. It’s totally different and better than ever. It is now an ultimate cinema app for Windows 10! And the best of all it's FREE!

Start Exploring

What we learn from the Turn Off the Lights browser extension is now available for the mobile users. With the Turn Off the Lights Windows Store app you can watch a video in an atmosphere lighting effect, or you can just dark the web page with one single click or tap on the lamp button.

Whether you are a desktop or tablet user, the real fun starts in this app. Start and explore our free app today!

Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - Start Explorer
Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - YouTube Options
YouTube Options

The all-in-one app for customize the YouTube website. This app makes the experience on YouTube even better. Everything is available with one click or tap, you can enable the Auto HD feature that brings automatically your video in a high definition format, Auto Wide open the video in the largest player size, Auto Repeat to repeat the YouTube video endlessly. And there is an option to stop playing automatic the video when you open a YouTube page.

Night Mode

Just like in the Turn Off the Lights browser extension you can make YouTube even more darker. When you activate the Night Mode switch, it automatically changes the white theme to a black YouTube background theme. Everything will be converted to black, the header, the navigation bar, the hyperlinks and also the Google+ comment system. Do you want back the normal page? Click then back on the Night Mode switch to return to the default YouTube theme.

Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - Night Mode
Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - Colors Pink
For the Colorful

Personalize the app into your feeling. You can choose between in thirteen anything-but-shy colors. From white, blue, pink, green, lime green, red, dark red, yellow, orange, gold, deep sky blue, gray and black. The color will fit for every website and with a vibrant, lively interface it makes watching a video or read a newspaper more enjoyable.


The app works great together with another application, you can choose and snap app left or right on your screen. And with the dynamic bubble theme it makes the app so beautiful and fun to use.

Navigate have been never so easy, it includes all the basic of browsing the web. A reload button, a previous and next button, homepage button, an URL and search box and the lamp button. And not to forget, in the settings flyout you can enabled the Tab and Bookmarks bar.

Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - Experience
Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - Camera Motion
Camera Motion

Will not be great to dim the lights on the web page with the movement of your hand? And yes that is possible in this app. When you activate the Camera Motion feature in the setting flyout, the green camera lamp will be enabled. And then you can move your hand over the green lamp from the top to the bottom of your tablet. It's the only app that does this and that's why Turn Off the Lights is in the top and is the most enjoyable app ever.

Speech Recognition

Now you can say "Turn Off the Lights" or "Play Video" and the app understand what you mean, and do direct this action.

Follows commands are supported: "Turn Off the Lights", "Turn On the Lights", "Play Video", "Pause Video". And that make the app soo usable.

Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - Cortana
Turn Off the Lights Windows Store App - Freeze
Freeze (Easter egg)

All apps on the internet have a fun bonus inside, and also Turn Off the Lights have a pretty feature in this Windows Store app. With one tap or click on the button you can freeze your web page and draw something on the frozen screen.

Tech Specs


  • Automatic repeat the YouTube video with one click
  • Automatic bring the YouTube video in the large mode with one click
  • Stop automatic playing of the YouTube video
  • Play automatic all YouTube videos in HD
  • Show the stars background
  • Share buttons
  • Pin the website to your start page
  • Freeze this screen (easter egg)

Basic Settings

  • Automatically dim the background when you click the play button and vica versa
  • Customizable background color
  • Customizable background opacity
  • Custom homepage URL

Visual Effects

  • Fade in effect
  • Fade out effect
  • Show the atmosphere lighting effect of the currently playing video, fixed and real color

Advanced Options

  • Show the tabs bar
  • Show the bookmarks bar
  • Change the color of the navigation bar
  • Rotate the YouTube video player by 90 degrees
  • Disable the navigation bar animation

Night Mode

  • Night Mode switch
  • Sites for Night Mode
  • Automatically go to Night Mode when a web page is opened

Speech Recognition

  • Speech: "Turn Off the Lights", "Turn On the Lights", "Play video", "Pause video"

Camera Motion

  • Camera: hand wave in front of the camera device

Discover the free dark mobile web browser today!

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