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Turn Off the Lights™

Free Browser Extension and Open Source Project

Turn Off the Lights Browser extension is a lightweight tool to highlight the video player and darken the rest of the web page

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Turn Off the Lights lamp icon

How does it work?

With a single click on the gray lamp icon on the toolbar, it darkens the web page and highlights the video player. There is no easier way than this. You can try it yourself on the example in the left hand side.

Supported platforms

Turn Off the Lights extension focus YouTube videos Turn Off the Lights extension focus Vimeo videos Turn Off the Lights extension focus Dailymotion videos Turn Off the Lights extension focus YouKu videos Turn Off the Lights extension focus NETFLIX videos Turn Off the Lights extension focus HULU videos Turn Off the Lights extension focus HTML5 videos Turn Off the Lights extension focus VIDEO videos

What is the Night Mode feature?

Night Mode is one of the features which improves the night experience on all websites. This feature converts the white CSS background to black with one single click on the Night Mode switch that is positioned on the left bottom of your screen.

Try it yourself!

Turn Off the Lights lamp icon
Turn Off the Lights is a free browser extension developed by Stefan vd. It is available as a plugin for Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Maxthon and Yandex Browser. There is also a Turn Off the Lights bookmarklet for other browsers.

Turn Off the Lights is a browser extension that lets users dim everything on their screen except the Flash or HTML5 video they're watching, minimizing distractions and making for a more pleasant viewing experience for the internet users. A gray lamp icon is displayed in the browser menu bar when a video is detected; users click on the icon to make the screen surrounding the video fade. Clicking outside the video restores the rest of the screen. Users can adjust the opacity of the screen blocking and select a color other than black if desired. The extension can also be set to dim the screen automatically, and there are a variety of YouTube-specific features as well to bring an object to the front. A keyboard shortcut gives users quick access to the program's services.

Turn Off the Lights has a 4.76-star rating at the Chrome extension website with over 7458 reviews, and has been featured on Google Blog, Lifehacker, MacLife, CNET, and New York Times.
Source: Wikipedia

Atmosphere Lighting for YouTube and Beyond

Atmosphere Lighting is one of the most amazing and beautiful creation to make the video enjoyable and vivid. This feature generates light effects around the video player that correspond to the video content. And this with one single click on the playing video and the extension do the rest. The video ended or paused, it slowly returns back to the normal style. In the Turn Off the Lights option page you can choose between 'one solid', 'four solid' or the 'real colors' effect.

Turn Off the Lights lamp icon

Mouse Wheel Volume Scroll

Option for Mouse Wheel Volume Control for each HTML5 video player. Control the volume of the current video player with a mouse scroll.

What people say about Turn Off the Lights.
Betty Ann Whitten
This is one of my favorite Chrome extensions. Because I am able to focus only on the video playing, it works perfectly in the classrooom and when added to student Chromebooks it's even better.

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I've just downloaded this app and I'm extremely pleased with it already! It's simple and it's got all of the features I need! Thank you so much for this!!

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Dr Alfie Arcidiacono
Awesome! Especially for those with ADHD! LOL! Keeps me away from the 'shiny stuff'... thankyou! Dr. Alfie Arcidiacono

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Turn Off the Lights works with most major browsers.

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