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Focus On the Video with “Turn Off the Lights”


Focus On the Video with “Turn Off the Lights”

“Turn Off the Lights” is a free browser extension, which dims the light of the website enabling more focus to the video player. The extension developed by Stefan Van Damme was initially released on 15th, December 2009 and since then has been regularly updated and enhanced with new features in order to meet user requirements.


With the use of the “Turn Off the Lights” extension the whole screen can be dimmed except for the player. Following the downloading of the extension, a lamp icon will appear on the browser tool bar or address bar. By clicking on the icon the user can fade the screen area surrounding the video. The screen can be restored by clicking outside the player. The extension offers flexibility by giving the user the option to adjust the opacity of the screen dimmer and the color. The “Turn Off the Lights” extension can also be automated in order to dim the screen without the intervention of the user. A range of YouTube specific features is also available in the extension, while keyboard shortcuts make way for quick access to the program’s services. “Turn Off the Lights” extension is available as a plugin for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari, Maxthon and Yandex Browsers and as a bookmark on other browsers.


In the latest versions of the “Turn Off the Lights” extension, Flash and HTML5 videos are automatically detected and the atmosphere lighting is dimmed. Features such as Color & image & Blur, AutoPlay (HTML5 & YouTube), AutoStop (HTML5 & YouTube), AutoHD YouTube, Atmosphere Lighting, Dynamic Background, Fade Effects, Flash Detection, Eye Protection, Custom Mouse, Night Mode, Camera Motion and Speech Recognition are offered to users through the extension. The program written in JavaScript, XUL, XML, HTML, CSS is available in multiple languages. It is also a lightweight plug-in which will utilize only 965kb of storage capacity. The amazing extension, which provides a more comfortable watching experience received recognition from several awarding bodies. It was featured on Google Official Blog, Chrome web store in 2012 and 2013 and was the finalist of Best Overall (Non-Security) Add-On 2013.


Download “Turn Off the Lights” and experience a more comfortable and a pleasant viewing experience with minimum distractions.

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