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Turn Off the Lights™
Please use and enjoy it, and if you can make a donation of any amount, we'd appreciate it immensely

I am Stefan Van Damme

About Us

New to the world of Tech, Turn Off the Lights helps everyone who doesn't want to be disturbed by the content around the video player such as on YouTube. Focus the video. Think of it as: Video lovers meets a dark environment to protect their eyes. We are located in beautiful Antwerpen, Belgium.

We makes your browser a perfect and most comfortable cinematic experience!
And your desktop a better work environment makes at night.

Developed, Built according to the latest web standards.

A Little About the developers

Lead Designer & Front End Developer

I'm the only individual-qualified Google developer for Google Chrome extension (Official Google certificate). And one of the Chrome TC (English) and mentor in the Chrome Help Forum. So I am an experienced developer in the browser extension world, understanding the users and providing my expert help in how to use the Google Chrome browser. This extension is also one of Google and YouTube most favorite Chrome extensions. Everything is made in the beautiful country of Belgium.

Stefan Van Damme March 18 2014

Visual Statement

To provide focus on the important things on the web to the user in 1 click.

Mission Statement

It is our job to assertively maintain mission-critical benefits as well as continue to completely embrace multimedia based materials.

Our Team

Stefan - Turn Off the Lights Developer
Stefan Van Damme

Turn Off the Lights - CEO
Lead Developer
Web Browser expert

Code Community

Edwin Van Damme
Turn Off the Lights - Developer

Our Team Skills

HTML 5 - 90%
CSS 3 - 80%
PHP - 60%
C# - 70%
Objective-C - 70%
Swift - 70%
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