Does this browser extension works with the AdBlock or Adblock Plus extension enabled?

Yes, Turn Off the Lights browser extension doesn’t block the adblocker extension. You will always have the full version of Turn Off the Lights. That makes your online video experience better and enjoyable.

What browser do you support?

All most used browsers today, that is Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Maxthon, Vivaldi, Brave, Chromium and Yandex browser.

Can I donate you with Bitcoin?

Yes, this is the Turn Off the Lights bitcoin address:


It doesn’t work!

Make sure you use the latest version Turn Off the Lights browser extension in your web browser. You can easily test this, with uninstall the extension and install it directly from the original add-on website (Chrome Web Store, Firefox extension, Opera extension, Microsoft Edge on the Microsoft Store or on the official Turn Off the Lights website).

The basic steps to solve this issue:
1. Restart the web browser
2. Remove your cookies and cache files
3. Disable the other browser extensions you have installed except Turn Off the Lights
4. Reinstall the Turn Off the Lights Browser extension

How long have you been in business?

Turn Off the Lights extension first version went online on 15 December 2009. It’s one of the very first and unique Chrome extension in the extension gallery or now know as the Chrome Web Store.

What does Turn Off the Lights do?

Turn Off the Lights helps everyone who doesn’t want to be disturbed by the content around the video player such as on YouTube. Focus the video. Think of it as: Video lovers meets a dark environment to protect their eyes.

How can I keep the lights always off?

Turn Off the Lights Browser extension works only when you click on the lamp button. However, in the Turn Off the Lights Options page you can enable the feature to automatically dims the web page.

  1. Open the Turn Off the Lights options page, by clicking right on the gray lamp button.
  2. Click on the 3rd Advanced Options tab.
  3. At the topic Eye Protection. Enable the 2nd radio button with the following text description:
    “to dims the web page automatically when you open a new tab or click on a link”.
  4. Restart now your web browser.

And for keep the layer active when you click on the page, enable this feature:

  1. Open the tab Advanced Options tab.
  2. Scroll to the title Bulb.
  3. And enable the radio button Enable clicking hyperlinks when the screen is darkened.