When you installed the Turn Off the Lights Firefox extension for the first time you may see this yellow bar with the text “a script in this extension is causing Firefox to slow down”.

Solution 1

Try to disable that one by one except Turn Off the Lights, that will fix this issue.
Because some Firefox extensions block the loading of the Options page.
1. Open the Firefox web browser
2. Type this page in your address bar:
3. And disable all the Firefox extensions one by one except “Turn Off the Lights”

Solution 2

If you can open well the Turn Off the Lights Options page, but you receive this yellow bar when enabling the “AutoStop” feature. Try to disable this option, because there is a bug in Mozilla Firefox performance of the Observer API.

The observer API does not work well on that Firefox web browser. However, there is no issue if you use the Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Microsoft Edge web browser.

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