Climate Change is a big problem in our current living environment.

The greenhouse section ensures that life on earth is possible. After all, it ensures that the temperature on earth is virtually constant or that it always remains somewhere between -30 ° C and 60 ° C. Our atmosphere, which also contains greenhouse gases, keeps energy input and output in balance and prevents us from moving from one extremum to another. For example, not all solar radiation will enter the atmosphere, limiting the energy supply if the sun reaches a part of the earth (limiting the maximum temperature). The earth is heated as a result and this heat will in turn radiate back to the atmosphere. If the sun does not shine, this could lead to extreme cooling of the earth, but due to the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere the heat is partially retained so that the cooling remains limited (minimum temperature limit).

Carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and the emissions of other GHGs are often associated with the burning of fossil fuels, like natural gas, crude oil, and coal. While this is harmful to the environment, carbon offsets can be purchased in an attempt to make up for these harmful effects.

Solution Climate Change

Reduce the use of electrical energy may we use less fossil fuel. And with the “Turn Off the Lights Browser extension” and “Turn Off the Lights for Desktop” app, you can reduce the brightness of your screen. And you will save energy.

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